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All Kena Bridge of Spirits Meditation Points – Where They Are and What They Are For (Zen Master Trophy)



All Kena Bridge of Spirits Meditation Points - Where They Are and What They Are For (Zen Master Trophy)

We help you find all the meditation points that are in Kena Bridge of Spirits with which you can improve your life and get the Zen Master trophy.

We continue to discover the secrets of Kena Bridge of Spirits and this time we focus on a really particular and special collectible: the meditation points. What can you get by getting these collectibles?

Well, meditation points are very important, as they will allow you to increase your life as you interact with them. However, these do not appear in any registry, so you may want to know where they are.

All Kena Bridge of Spirits Meditation Points – Location and How to Unlock the Zen Master Trophy

In total there are 12 meditation points at Kena Bridge of Spirits. These are somewhat out of the way and are not marked in the map legend, so if you want your life to increase, you will have to carry out the calculations.

However, so that the task of looking for them does not become too heavy for you, here we leave you a map and the list of places where you will find a meditation point in the game of PS5 , PS4, and PC. Good luck in your company!

  • Forgotten Forest
  • Northeast of the Forgotten Forest
  • Taro Forest
  • Forging
  • Adira Tower
  • South of the Adira Tower
  • Rusu courtyard
  • Heart of the village
  • Defeating the Mask Maker, near the location
  • Defeating the Warrior, close to the location
  • Defeating the Hunter, close to the location
  • Mountain sanctuary

It is important to clarify that this last point is the one that will unlock the Zen Master trophy. Take care to visit all the meditation points and leave the Sanctuary on the mountain for last. That said, this is how you will have achieved this outstanding challenge.

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