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How to solve Hollis’s class and casino puzzle in Psychonauts 2



How to solve Hollis's class and casino puzzle in Psychonauts 2

We give you the solution to two of the great puzzles that you will find in Psychonauts 2, with the connection to each of the nodes.

One of the most entertaining and acclaimed games of the year is Psychonauts 2, and we are going to have a great variety of puzzles as we explore the different mental worlds.

And of course, if you are not familiar with this puzzle mechanic, it is likely that in a couple of them you can get stuck, and although its solution is not complicated, reaching it is causing many players to get stuck.

Specifically, we talk about the riddles of the class and also the Hollis casino riddle, and we are going to offer you their solutions in the following lines so that you can pass them without problems.

How to solve Hollis’s class and casino puzzle in Psychonauts 2

Hollis’s Class Puzzle Solution

Inside Hollis’s classroom, we have a kind of area that looks like a church and that to solve it you must start by connecting with the thought bubble of “risk” that is placed directly next to Hollis, and then turn so that “stress” is on your left and “delight” on your right.

If you’ve got it right, you should use the mental connection to get to the node directly in front of them and then continue down the path of the node that leads to the right.

You will be behind the window and you will see a “money” thought bubble in that position.

So simply connect the protagonist with that idea by triggering a scene and solving the puzzle.

Solution to the Hot Streak casino puzzle

It is solved by connecting three sets of thought bubbles and is evidently done by using node paths.

Connecting decisions and wisdom: After jumping to “decisions” you should look across the casino and connect to the node in front of you, then you should look slightly to the right to discover the “wisdom” thought bubble.

Connecting judgment and abandonment: from the idea of ​​“judgment” you should look to the opposite side of the room and connect to the corresponding node, then look to the left to transfer to another mode, and the idea of ​​“abandonment” or exit will be in right side.

Victory and moderation: You must join “victory” and use a single node to reach the back of the great pachinko machine, where the “moderation” thought bubble is located.

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