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In the US, Sony will sell PS5 on a digital queue basis due to the limited number of consoles



Sony will stop manufacturing more PS4 Pro units, according to the officials

On August 27, US players began receiving invitations to a dedicated page with the ability to queue up for PS5 pre-orders.

PS5 will be available for pre-order in limited quantities, so we will be inviting our existing users first.

from Sony statement

  • Players are selected based on their interest in previous activities related to the company’s products. Pre-order can only be left by invitation from Sony.
  • The invitation does not guarantee that you will receive the console. They will be sold on the principle “who comes first will get the first.” If you receive a letter in the mail, you need to act quickly.
  • There is no hard limit on the number of products for pre-order, but the console will only issue one per PSN profile.

At the moment, such pages have not yet been launched for other countries. Pricing has not been announced either.

In addition, it has not yet been specified when other players will be able to pre-order or buy the console and whether it will be possible to get it from intermediaries, including large retailers.

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