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Insider: Microsoft and Bethesda are working on Quake reboot



Insider: Microsoft and Bethesda are working on Quake reboot

The company Microsoft and publisher Bethesda allegedly begun work on a reboot of the legendary franchise the Quake. This was announced with reference to his sources by the author of the portal Nick Baker.

According to preliminary data, id Software studio ( Doom Eternal ) is responsible for the development of the new shooter, MachineGames studio ( Wolfenstein: The New Order ) acts as the support team. The game should receive not only multiplayer but also a single-player campaign in which a woman will act as the main protagonist.

The story of the war between earthlings and cyborgs from the planet Stroggos was revealed in the shooters Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Quake 2, and Quake 4. And the last game in the series is still the competitive arena-shooter Quake Champions from iD Software and Saber Interactive, which failed to gain popularity in the gaming community.

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