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Leak: Video of a working PlayStation 5 dev kit appeared



Leak: video of a working PlayStation 5 dev kit appeared

Before the official release of the PlayStation 5 design last year, images of devkits, a version of the console for game developers, were repeatedly leaked online. Someone merged photos, someone made renders, or simply redrawn the silhouette of the PS5 dev kit. Now the video has appeared with the included console.

A TikTok user posted a video of the PS5 devkit and noted that the console gets so hot that it can be used as a heater in cold weather. A few hours later, the account with the video was deleted, but someone managed to make a copy.

Debug information is displayed on the left side of the console. The devkit from the video is connected to a gigabit network and is equipped with some firmware

Apparently, the author of the video was allowed to take the console home for the duration of the remote work. The final design of the PS5 is strikingly different from the working studio version, both inside and out.

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