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Insider: Tornadoes in Battlefield 2042 quickly bore testers



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Insider and blogger Tom Henderson mentioned this on his Twitter account, who had previously repeatedly reported reliable information about the games of the Call of Duty and Battlefield series.

According to Henderson’s sources, the new cataclysm mechanics, among which there is a tornado, looks and feels cool only the first few times, and then it quickly becomes boring. The insider noted that such events on the server essentially spoil the classic gameplay of the Battlefield series and the map itself.

Henderson added that he had heard similar information from several people over the past few months. He suggested that DICE could specifically increase the frequency of cataclysms in order to properly test the new mechanics. It is possible that for the final version, the developers will correct the balance.

As previously noted by the authors of the shooter, cataclysms occur randomly on the map and are designed to greatly change the usual course of the battle. For example, players will be able to use tornadoes for their own purposes and quickly leave the battlefield in wingsuits.

More details about Battlefield 2042 will be announced on EA Play on July 22, and the release itself will take place on October 22 on PC, Playstation, and Xbox.

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