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Insomniac staff have said on social media that there were no crunches during the creation of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart



Insomniac staff have said on social media that there were no crunches during the creation of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Shortly after the first reviews of Rift Apart were published, several of the developers involved in the game said that they had never once encountered a rework during the entire production cycle.

Grant Parker, who also had a hand in the canceled Star Wars: 1313, Marvel’s Avengers, and Rise of the Tomb Raider, started the discussion about this. The game designer noted that Insomniac’s game could be considered proof that crunch periods aren’t necessary for even AAA studios to succeed.

He was confirmed by at least two other colleagues, animators Lindsay Thompson and Jeff Weidner

The developers stressed that they could only speak from their own experience and understood that even the environment in different departments of the same company could be different. And Weidner assured that such statements were not a pretense or an attempt to “propagate”.

The creators of Ratchet & Clank have been supported by many online users, both fans and others in the industry, rejoicing that the game’s creators didn’t have to make sacrifices.

It most likely took Insomniac Games executives some time to start controlling systematic overwork amongst employees, too. However, in recent years it has been said more and more that they are succeeding in doing so. For example, it was also mentioned by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreyer in 2020.

Also, in an interview from February 2020, CEO Ted Price admitted that the studio does have periods of crunch, but that they try hard to keep them to a minimum.

It seems to me that in the last seven or eight years, conversations about this topic have become louder in our industry and we have started to be more honest about the harms of crunch. And I will say that we at Insomniac are constantly looking for ways to somehow notice and minimize our recycling.I would love to work for a company where there is no such thing at all. But I think we all understand: when a person tries to do something very difficult, something that nobody has done before, he will work very hard. And the best way out is to make better decisions as early as possible, so we don’t get “stuck” in that state.

Ted Price
CEO of Insomniac Games



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