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Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Complete Boss Blaubert’s Quest and Get The Thing



Jagged Alliance 3 - Boss Blaubert

Boss Blaubert is one of the interesting yet most rewarding characters in the game. Like any other NPCs players find in Grand Chien, players will be able to do a side quest for Boss Blaubert. Completing this quest is a challenge in itself because players will have to break out the Right Hand of Boss Blaubert from Prison. Prison is under the control of Legion and it is well protected. However, this quest can also reward players with the best Melee Weapon called “The Thing” in the game upon making the right choice.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to complete Boss Blaubert’s Quest and Get The Thing in Jagged Alliance 3.

Meet Boss Blaubert to Start the Quest in Jagged Alliance 3

To start the side quest of Boss Blaubert, players have to make sure not to pick the side quest of Smiley because completing Smiley’s quest will turn players against Boss Blaubert and they will not be able to take the side quest nor get The Thing. However, to get the Side Quest, players need to make their way to Rimville, a Mansion in Sector I9. By reaching there, players will have to talk to Lalee Leewaylender who is a subordinate of Boss Blaubert.

After talking to Lalee Leewaylender and building a reputation, players will be invited to meet with Boss Blaubert. Talk to Boss Blaubert and go through the dialogues to get the quest named Right Hand Man. Boss Blaubert will ask to free his Right Hand named Luigi from Prison in a place called The Good Place. The Good Place is on the opposite side of the river in Sector L6 and it is also one of the outposts of Legion. The leader of this outpost is Jackhammer and players will also have to deal with him while completing this quest.

You can read our guide on how to deal with Jackhammer as all the possible choices of Jackhammer have been explained in the guide.

Free Luigi from the Prison

Before going to The Good Place, players should have a high number of Mercs to deal with all of the enemies in the area and prison building. Grenades and Silent Weapons can make a lot of difference in the fight as many enemies can be killed silently. Grenades are effective against tough enemies especially, Jackhammer who can be found inside the main building. Players need to make their way into the Prison and take out enemies while making their way to the underground section of the Prison. Luigi will be in the underground section with his bodyguard. Take out the enemies in the underground section and free Luigi.

How to Get The Thing in Jagged Alliance 3

Upon freeing Luigi, he and his Bodyguard will go to Rimville to kill Boss Blaubert. Now, players need to go back to Section I9 and listen to Boss Blaubert and Luigi. After the conversation, players will have to make a choice of picking sides. To get The Thing weapon, players need to side with Boss Blaubert. Once players have made the choice, they need to kill Luigi and his Bodyguard. It will initially complete the quest but the players will have to loot the body of Bodyguard to get The Thing.

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