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Konami registers Metal Gear Rising and Castlevania trademarks in Japan



Konami registers Metal Gear Rising and Castlevania trademarks in Japan

Konami has registered two new brands, Metal Gear Rising and Castlevania, amid rumors about the revival of both sagas.

Metal Gear and Castlevania, two of Konami’s juiciest properties, have long been in limbo, with no new releases and, more surprisingly, no simple remaster of their games. The last major installments of both series from the last generation (PS3 and Xbox 360) haven’t even made it to PS4 and Xbox One.

But that could change. Adding to the increasingly numerous rumors about Konami reviving the sagas (especially Metal Gear), we now have information that Konami has registered new trademarks in Japan: ” Akumajou Dracula ” (the name of Castlevania in Japan ) and ” Metal Gear Rising “. Both were uploaded on April 6 and have been released today.

This could simply mean that Konami wants to renew their licenses, although, as we said, there are several sources that claim that Konami is looking to resurrect both series, and for this, it would have outsourced to several studios. And according to an insider, the Metal Gear Solid saga seeks to make several remakes, remasters, or compilations.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was an action spin-off developed by Platinum Games and released on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in 2013. It would be a curious choice, to say the least, to bring Metal Gear back to the fore, without a doubt, although surely a remaster would make fans of this cult game very happy.

The last Metal Gear Solid game came out on PS4 and Xbox One, MGS V The Phantom Pain in 2015, but since then the saga has been fallow (with the exception of the Metal Gear Survive experiment that did not materialize). No other Metal Gear Solid has been remastered on PS4 and One (and Metal Gear Solid 4 remains exclusive to PS3).

Recall that the creator of the saga, Hideo Kojima, left Konami after its launch, and is now doing things on his own (it seems that with Microsoft).

A similar thing happens with Castlevania, which disappeared since Lords of Shadow 2 (2014).

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