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Rumor: Sony paid Capcom to delay the PC version of Monster Hunter World and asked not to add crossplay to the game at all



Rumor: Sony paid Capcom to delay the PC version of Monster Hunter World and asked not to add crossplay to the game at all

Last fall, hackers stole a large array of confidential information from Capcom’s servers about the publisher’s plans for the next few years, game sales by platform, financial costs, and agreements with platform holders. Much of the documentation has already been confirmed. For example, it was these files that revealed the existence of PC versions of Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 long before their official announcement, and also declassified Ghosts’ n Goblins Resurrection and the online component of Resident Evil Village…. Today, enthusiasts continue to study the documents and find new data there, but since the leaks are not officially commented on, we will write about them under the heading “rumor”.

Today, players got to the file, from which it allegedly follows that Sony Interactive Entertainment paid Capcom to delay the PC version of the action RPG Monster Hunter World, announced at E3 2017, by six months. At the same time, Sony did not see a competitor to the PS4 version of the project in the Xbox One version – Western users of the Microsoft console received a hit on January 26, 2018, along with the owners of the PlayStation 4. At the same time, Monster Hunter World was initially available exclusively on the Japanese console for Asian gamers. Sony helped Capcom promote the long-awaited release as its exclusive in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and other countries in the region.

Monster Hunter World did not appear on PC until August 9, 2018.

Also, if the documentation is to be believed, Sony paid Capcom for the lack of Monster Hunter World crossplay – as a result, none of the versions supported it – not even PC and Xbox users can play together. The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

A few years ago, as you know, Sony strongly opposed the possibility of playing on shared servers for PlayStation and Xbox users. She began to change her position only against the background of the scandal surrounding the lack of full-fledged crossplay in Fortnite on the PlayStation 4 after the release of Monster Hunter World. Today, crossplay with Xbox and even Switch is getting a lot of games on PlayStation.

Previously, hackers who stole Capcom’s documentation claimed that Google paid Capcom $ 10 million to release Resident Evil VII and Resident Evil Village on the Stadia cloud platform, and Sony bought a temporary exclusivity of the Resident Evil VII VR mode for PlayStation VR and an exclusive release of the Resident Evil VII demo on PlayStation 4 for $ 5 million.

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