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Lady Dimitrescu and her castle will be “just one part” of Resident Evil Village, says its art director



Resident Evil Village, fans test the intelligence of Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu is one of the aspirants to be the most charismatic character of 2021 in the field of video games. The Resident Evil Village vampire starts to live up to … expectations.
Resident Evil Village lands in May and the fans of the saga were, for the most part, completely at the mercy of Lady Dimitrescu , one of those who are assumed to be the main villains of the game. The popularity of this gigantic woman is through the roof.

Such has been the positive reception it has had that even Capcom has recognized that this has exceeded its measurements. The developer has acknowledged that no one predicted the impact that Lady Dimitrescu has had on fans. For this reason, the character may not have such a relevant role later.

The game’s art director Tomonori Takano himself spoke to IGN and acknowledged that Dimitrescu and his castle will not represent the total of Resident Evil Village and that there is much more to it than his entourage and presence. What we have shown so far, Lady Dimitrescu, the village and the castle, encompasses only one section of Resident Evil Village.

So maybe it’s best not to get used to the idea that the Morticia Addams-inspired vamp is the game’s great villain or that her plot represents a big part of the new game in the series. If Capcom did not think that his character would become so popular, it could be that he has only dedicated space to him within the entire history of Village, which by the way, is still surrounded by an aura of mystery.

Luckily, it has already been confirmed that Resident Evil Village will be much longer than Resident Evil VII. Now it only remains to see how much the Dimitrescu section will cover, who has dazzled everyone thanks to the trailers and Maiden, the exclusive demo for PS5.

In case you haven’t been able to meet the vampire, don’t hesitate to take a look at the origins of Lady Dimitrescu, the sensation of Resident Evil Village. Everything will be cleared up on May 7 when RE Village launches for PS5, PS5, Xbox Series X | S Xbox One, and PC.

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