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Lead Writer Assassin’s Creed series announced his departure from Ubisoft, after ten years of work



Lead Writer Assassin's Creed series announced his departure from Ubisoft, after ten years of work

Darby McDevitt announced that he was leaving the Montreal studio of Ubisoft. He thanked his colleagues as well as all the fans for their support, especially those who made Assassin’s Creed fan content and developed the franchise in their own way.

Special thanks to all the fans and content creators who have supported us and complemented our work for so many years. Thank you for attention! I deeply respect and admire you. It has been a real honor for me to meet many of you.

Darby McDevitt
screenwriter, developer

Apparently, McDevitt is not going to leave the industry, as he mentions that he “decided to go on a new adventure.” Apparently, he will tell us about plans for the future later.

The developer has worked at Ubisoft for over a decade and first had a hand in Assassin’s Creed as the scriptwriter for the 2009 Discovery and Bloodlines spin-offs. He has been a leading member of the narrative team since Black Flag and has worked on Valhalla as Narrative Director.

Fans of the franchise consider McDevitt to be one of the main people responsible for the lore of the series, and they also know him as the author of the script for the short film “Embers”.

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