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Lego Fortnite: How to Upgrade Crafting Bench to Uncommon



Lego Fortnite - Upgrade Crafting Bench

Surviving in Lego Fortnite will require you to gather various kinds of resources from different biomes of the world to craft various items of need. All of the essential items for survival are crafted at the Crafting Bench but it only provides a short number of crafting recipes at the start. For players to unlock more crafting recipes and higher rarity of crafting recipes, they will have to upgrade the level of Crafting Bench.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade the Crafting Bench to uncommon in Lego Fortnite.

How to Upgrade Crafting Bench to Uncommon in Lego Fortnite

The starting rarity of Crafting Bench is Common in Lego Fortnite and if players want to gain access to new crafting recipes, they will have to upgrade the Crafting Bench to Uncommon rarity. Players can upgrade the Crafting Bench by interacting with it and selecting the upgrade option under the Bench Upgrade tab. However, it does require the following materials to successfully make the upgrade.

  • 8x Plank
  • 3x Shell

Plank is a refined material that is obtained from the Lumber Mill station which can be built from the Build menu using 8x Wood and 15x Granite. Both of these resources are easy to gather and once you have placed down the Lumber Mill, interact with it and select the Plank recipe to convert Wood into Planks. Each plank will cost 1x wood so it will cost 8x Wood to make 8x Plank.

Now, to get the Shell, you will have to defeat Rollers. Rollers are the enemies that spawn in Grass biomes and roll in aggression when engaged. They deal high damage but can be dodged easily to counterattack them. Defeating each Roller will drop 1x Shell so, you will have to defeat 3 Rollers to get the required number of Shells.

Once you have obtained all the required materials for the upgrade of the Crafting Bench, go and interact with it to make the upgrade. Upgrading the Crafting Bench will unlock new crafting recipes including tools and weapons of higher rarity as well as Health Charm which is essential for increasing the maximum number of Hearts.

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