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Len’s Island: 5 tips to ensure your survival



Len's Island: 5 tips to ensure your survival

Len’s Island is a survival RPG that is reminiscent of a mix of Diablo 3 and Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley. In our guide we tell you:

  • How to cope with the first day in Len’s Island
  • Which resources you should collect first
  • What you need to save

The development studio Flow Studio consists of just a few people who brought the game to life. The mix of genres has the advantage that the most diverse types of gamers can enjoy the game. Dungeon crawlers can face the dangers in the countless caves, farming experts cultivate their arable land and hobby architects convert their small starter hut into an impressive villa.

Choose the right controls

Before you start your adventure in Len’s Island, you have to decide on a control variant. Do you want to play with a mouse and keyboard or just with the mouse, which the developer studio recommends? We initially followed the recommendation and tried using the mouse, but switched to mouse and keyboard in no time at all. If you play a lot on the PC and are used to the WASD control, you should keep it in Len’s Island.

There is currently no controller support, but this should come in one of the next updates. The option is already displayed but cannot be selected yet.

Your raft is your anchor

You start on a seemingly deserted island, on which you arrive with your raft. Your raft is not really inviting, but you will find the most important utensils you need to survive on it: tools and a sleeping bag.

If you try to take the tools out of the box: That won’t work. You already have them in your inventory. The tools in the box are your backup in case you lose your ax, for example. Then return to the raft and take the replacement.

You cannot take the sleeping bag, but you can use it to save or to ring in the night. Then save the game and start a new day. The sleeping bag is representative of similar pieces of furniture: You will later own a bed. It is of course more convenient, but fulfills the same function: save and/or jump to the next day.

Collect the first resources

Now move a bit away from your raft and explore the area around it. You should collect everything you find: cut trees, work stone formations, limestone formations, and mountains of clay, shred bushes, pick blueberries. In your inventory, you have space for 150 pieces for each resource. So there is enough space to start with.

If you stumble on glass bottles or barrels during your exploration tour: You should take them with you too. With the glass bottles, it is enough if you walk over them. Then you have glass in your inventory. You have to smash the barrels again and find metal parts in them for further processing.

Timing is everything!

When you cut trees with your ax or work on rocks with a pickaxe, you need the right timing. You swing your tools with the left mouse button. Do not press it uncontrollably, but adjust the timing. At the end of the movement, you will see a small white ring around Lens hand. If you press the left mouse button again, the ring looks charged – and does more damage. You will quickly find the right rhythm so that each hit causes a heavy hit.

Build your first house

During your exploration tour, you will probably quickly come across a ruined wooden house. Repair the house and expand it if necessary so that you have more space. You are also protected from any adversities that lurk outside at night.

Also, build a bed in your hut so that you don’t always have to run back to the raft to save. You have now built your first personal center and are now ready to explore the rest of the island from there and look for the first dungeons or the city of Bridgewater.

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