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The Lord of the Rings Online plans an update for PC and next-gen consoles for the Amazon series



Lord of the Rings Online plans an update for next-gen PC and consoles for the Amazon series

The Lord of the Rings Online was released in April 2007, initially using a subscription model, but in 2010 it switched to the f2p system with an in-game store. The game is still actively supported and there are additions to the it-both large story and small.

A December report for investors indicated that in 2022, developers plan to update the game for PC and consoles of the new generation-apparently, we are talking about the graphics component.

Moreover, the authors of the report link the date to the release of the series on “the Lord of the rings” from Amazon, which is scheduled for release in early 2021, but the pandemic may well make its own adjustments.

Visual updates for new consoles, as well as changes to key mechanics, are waiting for another MMORPG publisher Daybreak Game Company-DC Universe. They are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021.

Amazon’s Lord of the rings series has already been renewed for a second season, although the exact release date for the first season has not yet been announced. But the developers actively share the cast, and the actors call the project the largest in history. The show will focus on events that take place several millennia before “the Hobbit” and “the Lord of the rings”, in the Second Age of middle — earth, which covers the rise and fall of the greatest human state-Numenor.

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