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Lost Ark PvE Guide



Lost Ark PvE Guide

In PvE in Lost Ark, your item level is important to unlock new content. In addition, there are some activities that help your entire squad – i.e. all characters on the same server. In this Lost Ark PvE Guide, we want to give an overview of all PvE content.

Leveling stage

Everything starts with the leveling phase. Here you bring your character to level 50. Here you will find our quick leveling guide for Lost Ark . At level 50 you have officially completed the leveling phase in Lost Ark.

By the way: In theory, level 60 is the maximum. But level 60 will take months even if you play a lot. The required experience points after level 50 increase many times over. While you need about 1,000,000 experience points from 49 to 50, from 50 to 51 it is already over 43 million XP.

Chaos Dungeons & Guardian Raids: Daily Loot

Once you reach 50, your journey will soon begin with Chaos Dungeons. Chaos Dungeons are instances where you encounter hordes of enemies. You get a lot of loot here up to twice a day if you bring the progress bar to 100% in under 5 minutes. Check out our Chaos Dungeon Guide for more details.

You’ll unlock Guardian Raids shortly after at item level 340. They each consist of a single boss that has to be defeated in a given time.

Both are instanced PvE content that you can complete alone or in a group of up to 4 players. Both scales with the number of players and depending on the class played, you might find it easier to solo.

If you want to maximize your loot, you should do both types of content twice a day. This is important for advancing your gear and item level. Here’s a guide on how to quickly farm gear when you’re in your 50s. There we describe the path from level 50 to tier 2 in 10 steps.

Abyss Dungeons: Weekly Loot

Abyss Dungeons are also instanced PvE content. This time, however, for 4 and in higher tiers even 8 players. Here, too, it is primarily about a single boss or boss event. This time he has more skills and cannot be registered solo, but then there is even better loot.

Loot from Abyss dungeons can be taken once a week.

4. Shadow Spire and Tower of Destiny

Towers are purely solo content that offers varied fights on 50 floors. The floors place requirements on your item level in order to be able to enter them.

For example, in Shadow Spire, you need iLevel 302 for Floor 1 and iLevel 340 for Floor 5. Every 5 floors, the required item level increases further.

There is one-time loot for completing each floor, such as card packs. These are unique to your squad – i.e. re-completing with a different character on the server will not grant you the reward again. As a replacement, there are then materials for equipment reinforcement.

5. Boss Rush

Rarely you will drop special tickets with which you can enter Boss Rush (Boss Rush in English). This can be done in a team of up to 4 players, with each player needing a ticket.

// More information will follow soon.

6. The Cube

Tickets for the Cube can drop in Chaos Dungeons. This allows you to enter the cube solo or in a group.

In the Cube, you will encounter levels full of enemies. The more levels you clear, the higher your reward will be at the end. At this point, we will provide a running guide in good time.

Important: The Cube offers quite demanding content and you should possibly save your tickets at the beginning.

7. Islands

Islands are another big feature in Lost Ark. Most islands offer a small quest line with their own story. You travel to the islands with your ship.

In our guide “ The Best Lost Ark Islands for Upgrade Materials (Farm Route) ” you will find a very detailed farm route to farm particularly lucrative islands.

8. World Bosses & Events

More to come.

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