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Lost Ark – Everything you need to know about engraving



Lost Ark Engraving Guide

In Lost Ark, the engraving system is one of the most important elements of the Endgame part. They can greatly influence the style of your class by granting various bonuses that will be useful for you to overcome the content offered by the Korean MMO. First, be aware that all engravings are unique and should be optimized based on two main factors: your playstyle and your gear.

Here’s a guide that tells you all about engravings, how to find them, and how to best use them for your class.

How do engravings work in Lost Ark?

To see the list of available engravings and equip them, simply go to the “Character” icon then “Personal Profile”. The engravings correspond to the 2 bubbles at the bottom left.

Engravings are unlocked by using “Engraving Recipes”. Each engraving is divided into 3 levels: level 1, level 2, and level 3. Each level improves the bonus of the engraving, these are unlocked by activating nodes. For example, using 20 engraving recipes activates the first 3 nodes, however, to unlock the next levels, you will need rare than epic engraving recipes. In order to facilitate handling, reorganize your inventory to gather the recipes so that you can use them at once by doing Alt + right-click.

You can also activate additional nodes with ability gems and jewelry (necklace, earring, and ring). So be sure to look carefully at the details of your equipment to see the impact on the engravings. Likewise when you recover it via the loot since we quickly take the reflex to dismantle everything that does not serve us. It will therefore take some time to play before having your perfect item since the RNG intervenes.

Where to find recipes for engravings in Lost Ark?

Engravings are precious so be sure to keep them and use them when you are sure of yourself. However, there are many methods to acquire engraving recipes, in addition to the main quest and side quests:

  • The tower of fate
  • The Dungeon of the Abyss
  • Guardian Raids
  • The Cube (some events)
  • Secret maps obtained through Chaos Portals
  • Exchange Fragments of Perception with a merchant (obtained in the Abyssal Dungeon)
  • Some sellers on the islands like Estella
  • Affinity Rewards
  • Adventure Quests
  • Auction house

Which engraving to choose in Lost Ark?

If you don’t know what to go to, the easiest way is to first take an engraving unique to your class that corresponds to your style of play. Taking the example of the warlock, it is possible to go to “Pulsion demonic” if you want to base your damage on the demonic form or “Perfect suppression” in order to no longer transform and increase your damage as a human.

Here is a list of rather “meta” engravings that can be used with most classes, but also engravings for each class.

Tier list of engravings: The best engravings of Lost Ark

Here is a tier list of burns based on feedback from the community playing on Russian or Korean servers.

  • S: Burnback, Cursed Doll, and Sharpened Weapon
  • Q: Heavy Charge, Ambush Master, Raid Captain, Awakening, and Adrenaline
  • B: Barricade, Soul Capture, Mass Increase, Accurate Dagger, Heavy Armor Gear, Expert Brawler.

Note that the choice of engravings must be carefully considered according to your style of play. This is only to give you some clues about the best engravings. For example, “Master of Ambush” will be useful if you often attack from behind.

The best engravings for each class

In order to better guide you, here is a non-exhaustive list of engraving priorities for each class:

  • Awakened: Bard, Paladin, Spiritist, Berserker
  • Heavy Charge: Bloodblade, Gunshot
  • Soul Capture: Bard and Paladin
  • Barricade: Gunner and Gunslinger
  • Raid Captain: Summoner and Warlock
  • Master of the Ambush: Sniper, Pugilist, Elementist, Essentialist, and Bloodblade.
  • Sharpened Weapon: Elementalist, Essentialist, Gunner, Rifleman, Sagittarius, Warlock, and Berserker
  • Cursed Doll: Suitable for all DPS class types as an alternative burn

You now know much more about engravings in Lost Ark. The system seems complicated at first glance, but the key is not to waste your resources and gradually build the engravings you prefer.

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