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Lost Ark Music/Songs Sheet



Lost Ark Sheet Music/Songs

Contrary to what one might think, songs in Lost Ark aren’t just purely cosmetic, they play an important role in gameplay. In the game, songs allow you, among other things, to quickly get to hard-to-reach and unique places, as well as to improve your relationships with the residents of Arkesia.

How do songs work?

The song system in Lost Ark is quite simple. As you progress through the story and through quests, you will regularly receive new sheet music. You can learn them by right-clicking on the relevant item in your inventory and you can also find them in the sheet music menu, which you can access with F2.

To play a song, simply drag it from the sheet music menu to your action bar and click on it. After the channel time, the respective effect comes into effect.

All sheet music/songs in Lost Ark

Here you can find an overview of all songs. Very useful are eg Song of Return (travel to a city), Song of Escape (quickly leave dungeons and islands), and Song of Home and Hearth (takes you to your stronghold).

This overview was created before release. Effects in italics have yet to be detailed.

Lost Ark song of escapesong of escapeLeave dungeons and islands immediately.1 minDuring the course of the main quest line (Quest “Fairy Tales and Legends”, Prideholme)
Lost Ark song by TrixionSong by TrixionTakes you to Trixion.5 secDuring the main questline (Quest “To the Edge of the World”, Blooming Plantation)
Lost Ark song of returnsong of returnTravel to one of the capitals.120 minsDuring the main quest line (Quest “Song of Return”, Luterra Castle)
Lost Ark song of home and hearthSong of home and hearthTakes you to your fortress5 secFortress Ceremony quest (Luterra Castle)
Lost Ark Song of Valorsong of braveryImprove relationship with some NPCs5 secDuring the main quest line (Song of Valor quest, Zagoras)
Lost Ark Melody of the Heartmelody of the heartImprove relationship with some NPCs5 secDuring the main quest line (Treatment Time quest, Forest of Giants)
Lost Ark song of temptationsong of temptationImprove relationship with some NPCs5 secTome of Adventures – Yudia (50%)
Lost Ark Serenade of loveSerenade of LoveImprove relationship with some NPCs5 secRelationship Guru quest (Frozen Sea)
Lost Ark Twilight RequiemSong of the TwilightA song that soothes departed souls.5 secQuest “She only dreams of peace” (Island of Eternal Rest)
Lost Ark Song of StarlightStarlight SongHelps souls find their way to the other world.5 secExchange for 3,300 Gienah’s Coins at NPC Favreau (Starlight Island)
Lost Ark Heavenly HarmonyHeavenly HarmonyImprove relationship with some NPCs5 secCan be randomly found in a reward chest on Harmony Island after completing cooperative quests
Lost Ark Dirge of SerenitySerenity lamentA song that soothes the sadness.5 secQuest “Elegy of Tranquility” (Glacial Island), the last quest in a long chain
Lost Ark song of resonancesong of resonanceOpens up hidden places for you.5 secExchange for 17,000 Pirate Coins at Treasure Hunter Igran (Sailing Voyage – Peyto)
Lost Ark song of memorysong of memoryShows past events.5 secQuest “[Journey] Vanishing Tracks” (Frozen Sea), as part of the second Awakening quest
Lost Ark Forest Minuetforest minuetReveals paths hidden behind tendrils.5 secQuest “It’s Alright, Dear Fairy” (Lullaby Island)

* Requires Song of Resonance
Lost Ark song of eternitysong of eternityA beautiful old Sylvan song.5 secTome of Adventures – Rohendel (60%)
Lost Ark song of springsong of springA warm melody of the wind invigorates the heart and soul.1 secQuest “Shangra’s Pure Energy” (Shangra)
Lost Ark Festival OvertureFestival OvertureA song that heralds the holy festival. Cheerful sounds of bells fill people’s hearts with joy.5 sec?
Lost Ark Song of HarmonySoulful RequiemRequiem for the Delain.5 secAdventure Tome – Feiton (60%)
Lost Ark Song of Peacesong of harmonyThe Song of Harmony Blessing5 secAdventure Tome – Punika (50%)
Lost Ark Romantic WeaponRomantic weaponA funny song about love stories from Yorn.5 secTome of Adventures – Yorn (50%)

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