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Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness: Netherworld Gate Raid – Quest Walkthrough



Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness: Netherworld Gate Raid – Quest Walkthrough

After making your way into the Abyss and getting in the party with the rest of the graduates. All of the characters will see the Primeval Creatures named Horncrier. Everyone will go to their raiding as everyone will be sharing their raiding results in the night. You’ll get a new quest named “Netherworld Gate Raid”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Netherworld Gate Raid quest of Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness.

Netherworld Gate Raid

You’ll need to explore the abyss and then go back to the Netherworld Gate and travel to the City of Orth to complete the quest. When you are in the abyss, you should kill the animals with a long tail and gather Tail Meat, Soft Meat, and Animal Bone. You’ll have a Pickaxe that you can use to kill animals and gather hard Stones. You’d get different types of flowers as well and you can also get Hegui Fruit from the trees in the abyss. All of the things that you gather will be used in crafting to make useful items for your raids.

Follow the path and you’ll see a few stones on the wall that you can gather with the Pickaxe. The hard Stones are used in crafting to make weapons. You can also climb the walls with your pickaxe to find Hardstones. Animal Bones are also used in crafting to make weapons and other items. Go down the path and you’ll need to climb down the wall and then go all the way down by setting a rope on the branch of the tree. Kill animals and gather the resources from them and gather flowers as well in the area.

If you go to the Cliffside, a cutscene will play in which Raul will be screaming for help as he is about to fall down from the cliff. Your character will try to help but he’ll fall down before you reach him. After that, Tiare and Dorothea will also come there and they’ll ask you to report this incident to the Leader. You’ll also get a small quest named “Sad Report”. Now, go back to the main door of the Netherworld to travel to Orth.

Your character will go inside the Leader’s room and then report the incident to him. The leader will tell you that he’ll inform the director about this incident. After talking to Jiruo, Sad Report and Netherworld Gate Raid quests will be completed and you’ll get the rewards of both of the quests.

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