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Marvel Heroes Developer Will Create New Systems And Features For Marvel’s Avengers



Spider-Man in Avengers are planning to add to the end of 2021 the year

The company Square Enix and the studio Crystal Dynamics are in no hurry to give up on action-adventure the Marvel’s Avengers, which suffer from a lack of audience since the release in autumn 2020. It became known that the developers turned to Brian Wagoner, a respected specialist among the fans of the now-closed Marvel Heroes project, for help. He joined the Avengers team as a systems designer, which he shared on his Twitter page.

“I am thrilled to join this team and help them create new systems and features for Marvel’s Avengers,” he wrote.

The Marvel Heroes game mentioned above was developed and developed by Gazillion, which was shut down about four years ago due to Disney’s decision. According to Waggoner, he was hesitant to get involved with the Marvel license again after the incident, but the burning eyes of the Crystal Dynamics staff convinced him.

“I just could not refuse! Especially to join the studio, I was convinced by the approach of the management. They asked me to speak honestly about the game and its problems, which I did, and my advice was carefully listened to,” – said the designer of Marvel Heroes.

In mid-March , Operation Future Imperfect launched in Marvel’s Avengers , along with which the character Clint Barton appeared in the game with a new story campaign. At the same time, the project received improvements for the Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 consoles .

It was supposed that the update would again increase interest in the action movie, but the attempt to recapture the departed audience was unsuccessful.

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