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Masahiro Sakurai is working remotely to develop the Fighters Pass Vol. 2



Masahiro Sakurai is considering early retirement

Masahiro Sakurai, the person in charge of this popular fighting game, confirms that he supervises the project from his home.
The coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) does not distinguish between people, so it is important to stay home and avoid contact with other individuals. Japan, which has just entered a state of emergency, did not require its citizens to maintain a mandatory quarantine. However, as revealed by Masahiro Sakurai , the director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , he is telecommuting. This has been highlighted on his Twitter account, where he has also pointed out the difficulties that this entails for such a confidential project .

“Now I am working remotely. Basically, I find myself supervising the project from a distance. ” According to the director, “Ultimate is a project with a very high level of security”, which makes it difficult to take it outside the Nintendo facilities, something that is reflected in the work. “Still, we have no choice , so let’s do the best we can to overcome it,” he encourages. The team is currently working on Fighters Pass Vol.2, which will add six new characters to the roster.

Sakurai has already warned : Nintendo’s plans for Fighters Pass Vol. 2 may be altered by COVID-19. During the Direct Mini, they warned that they would need more time to prepare for the landing of the first of the fighters, one of the ARMS characters. In addition, in the column that the director usually writes in Famitsu, he dropped possible delays, since, for example, it is impossible to hold face-to-face meetings with companies, which may prevent the agreements for fighters from being closed. guests.

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