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Metal Gear Solid Remake under development by Bluepoint, Claims Person Who Leaked God of War Ragnarök



Metal Gear Solid Remake under development by Bluepoint, Claims Person Who Leaked God of War Ragnarök

According to this same source, the remake of Metal Gear Solid would be on its way thanks to the work on the remake of Bluepoint Games.

The Metal Gear Solid saga is well-loved and acclaimed by many over the years, although it has gone through several hardships, especially since Hideo Kojima is not present in its development. Even if Konami tried to overcome it with Metal Gear Survive, it didn’t exactly go well.

After that, fans of the saga were skeptical about what Konami should do from now on without Kojima, but what seemed at first to be a new game is now quite the opposite. There is a person under the name of Moore’s Law is Dead who has already leaked projects that have come true, and now claims that Metal Gear Solid Remake is in development by Bluepoint Games.

Moore’s Law is Dead goes into detail by stating that the remake of Metal Gear Solid has been in development for three years, and apparently has similar controls to Metal Gear Solid V. It’s funny, since many fans of the saga praised this release for its controls and mechanics, so the game could be well received.

He also claims that Mark Cerny has been involved in the development process, speculating that it has taken place at the same time as Demon’s Souls. In the past, Moore’s Law is Dead has been right to have leaked God of War Ragnarök a year before its announcement, so considering this there is a strong possibility that this may also be true.

But this is not the only information, as Bluepoint has also left a kind of easter egg hidden in Demon’s Souls, a kind of hidden sound in The Nexus that many fans have suggested sounds incredibly similar to Metal Gear Rex’s Metal Gear Solid. To top it all off, for a year now we’ve had some sort of hidden message to resolve during Halloween 2019.

Is this possible? Time will tell, but it’s certain that many admirer of the saga created by Hideo Kojima would be delighted if a developer like Bluepoint Games were in charge of the remake.

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