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WoW Shadowlands Gold Farm Guide: How to get rich fast



WoW Shadowlands Gold Farm Guide: How to get rich fast

In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands the dear gold will again play a major role: Not only do you need it to buy components for the new legendary items from other players, but you can also use it to purchase any luxury items such as the extremely expensive merchant mounts.

In addition, you can invest your gold in WoW tokens (current price: 164,000 gold), which will add 13 Euros to your account – so you can cover the monthly subscription costs or even collect enough money to buy a game.

This article will show you how you can make a lot of gold in Shadowlands. For all other tips on Shadowlands, which are especially valuable for beginners and returning players, you can take a look at our guide:

Herbs & Ores

One of the best ways to earn money in the auction house at the beginning of a new WoW expansion is to farm craft resources because the prices for herbs, ores, and leather are traditionally highest at the beginning of a new addon.

Herbology: Currently, the prices for the new Shadowlands herbs on the European servers are still in the range of 90 to 150 gold per piece – the rare herb nightshade is currently available for almost 500 gold over the virtual shop counter.

Mining: The prices for ores that can be mined are at a similarly high level – only the rare lithium ore, at around 300 gold per piece, is currently cheaper than its herbal counterpart.

Our tip: Get the addon GatherMate 2, because it shows you all places where resources can be spawned. Where you can find it and how to install it is explained in the following article:


Furriers can also earn gold noses at the moment because the prices for gram leather and the rare heavy gram leather are currently still at a very high level of 30 and 380 gold per piece respectively. The Ardenwald forest, where many skinnable wild animals are at play, is particularly suitable as a farm spot.

We have marked two places on the map of the Ardenwald where you can always find enough enemies to farm:

Rare Mounts

Those who don’t want to learn any of the farm skills of mining, furriery, and herbology can still earn a lot of gold at the moment – by searching for rare mounts. Some of the lootable mounts that you can find on enemies in the previous expansion Battle for Azeroth are still high on the market and will guarantee a successful sale.

However, the drop rate here is very low, ranging from 0.01 to 0.2 percent – so you may have to knock down thousands of enemies to get one of the coveted mounts. So make sure you have a good audiobook or an exciting TV series ready in advance!

Frightened Pack Mule

The sweet little donkey is currently worth 409,000 gold pieces and can be found in the Drustvar region. Here you must defeat Hexes Falconers, Hex Guards, Hex Soldiers, Hexes Halberdiers, and Hexes Crossbowmen to have a chance of a successful drop. The drop chance is 0.01 – 0.03 percent per knocked down opponent.

You can find the enemies at the following location:

Great Sea Rays

If you prefer to go fishing instead of killing thousands of enemies, you can go in search of the big sea ray. This rare mount is particularly valuable because it can also be used underwater – its price is currently around 207,000 gold.

To catch the stingray, simply cast your line in any of the open waters of Battle for Azeroth – the highest chance of success here is in the Drustvar area, with a drop rate of 0.07 percent.


You’ll also find the enchanting pony mane of gold with enemies in the regions of Battle for Azeroth – more specifically, with Sturmsang devotees in Sturmsong Valley. The pony is currently worth 202,000 gold pieces, so a successful sale can buy you a month’s worth of game time right away. The drop chance is between 0.07 and 0.1 percent.

On the following map you will find two places marked where I find many followers of Lord Sturmsang:

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