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eBay claims it’s working to crack down on scammers selling PS5 photos instead of the console



eBay claims it's working to crack down on scammers selling PS5 photos instead of the console

On top of the exorbitant sales of the new PS5, eBay now has the problem that many people are buying and bidding on photographs of the console.

eBay has issued a warning to speculators who are selling photos of PlayStation 5, since the release of Sony’s console began to rise such practices, only now they are overwhelmed. Many users of the site advertise the new PS5 as if it were the machine itself, but in reality, it is not.

According to a survey, many are bidding on photos of PS5 thinking it is the console itself, and although some realize the ploy, those who do win the bidding ignore everything until the moment of truth.

eBay has issued a statement on the matter: “We condemn these opportunistic sales that attempt to deceive others,” they say. “We are in the process of removing all PS5 photo sales from our website and will take appropriate action with the sellers. With every purchase, especially the ones that are registered, buyers should take precautions and read the entire description carefully. Those who receive an item that does not match the description are entitled to an eBay insured refund”.

On eBay you can still find some PS5 photo publications, searching for “PS5 photo” still gives results, and in many, there is a description of what is sent, in others nothing. In some, there are very high bids that seem to be made to ruin these intentions of deception, although others seem very real. But it doesn’t end there, eBay also has sales for a PS5 without the console, as for example there are those who sell tickets to raffle a PS5, which cannot be bought on eBay.

There is also a user who sells an empty box with the title “PS5”. “Hi, I’m selling an impression of how empty my life is because I don’t have a PS5”, he says in the description. “NOT SELLING A PS5, the winner of the bid will receive an empty box, representing how sad and empty I feel inside. I will use the money to buy a PS5 from those selfish bastards, the same ones who have blocked the internet so that no one who wants one for their children at Christmas can buy it”.

“Shame on all those people who are selling photos of PS5, scamming people who have earned money with effort,” ends the advertiser of the box.

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