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WoW Shadowlands: Why Redeemed Souls Are Important and How To Get Them



WoW Shadowlands: Why Redeemed Souls Are Important and How To Get Them

If you have already climbed to level 60 in WoW Shadowlands and have decided on one of the four pacts, you enter the endgame phase of the game and are flooded with a whole range of tasks and associated collectibles.

In addition to soul ash, anima and stygia, there are also »Redeemed Souls«, which are particularly important for your progress in the Shadowlands endgame. We explain to you where you get the souls from and what you use them for.

For this, you need redeemed souls

If you have already decided on a pact, you can start directly with the pact campaign, which, so to speak, represents your new story thread after the general main story. In the course of the quest series, you will unlock your pact sanctum.

There are four unlockable pact features within the pact sanctum: the travel network, animal leader, and command desk are the same for all pacts, while the fourth option is specific to your pact. To unlock these options in your sanctum, you need Reservoir Anima and Redeemed Souls.

How can I farm redeemed souls?

While you get anima from rare enemies, dungeons raids, and world quests, you can only get redeemed souls through a weekly quest. You only get five redeemed souls per week. So you cannot farm the souls in the classical sense.

However, there is the possibility of increasing your fame level to get soul keeper upgrades, which in turn unlock better versions of the fame quest, so that you can eventually bag up to 20 redeemed souls per week.

With the achievement of the following fame levels you increase your weekly quest reward from redeemed souls:

  • Fame level 1: 5 Redeemed souls
  • Fame level 15: 10 redeemed souls
  • Glory level 24: 15 Redeemed souls
  • Glory level 32: 20 Redeemed souls

This is how many redeemed souls you need in total

If you want to unlock and fully expand all of your sanctum features, you have to farm a total of 243 Redeemed Souls. So it will take you quite a while to gather enough Redeemed Souls. So that you don’t have to farm for 49 weeks, we recommend increasing your fame levels.

Of course, besides your pact sanctum, there are a lot of other things that you can focus on in the endgame of WoW Shadowlands.

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