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Microsoft wants to add Steam and EGS to the new Windows store



Steam Deck will allow you to pause games without the need to save - just like on consoles

The official presentation of Windows 11 revealed many details about the new operating system. One of them is the improved Microsoft Store, which will support the stores of other companies.

For example, thanks to the Amazon Appstore, Android applications will appear in the service. However, Microsoft is not going to stop at one store and also wants to see Steam and Epic Games Store appear on the site.

windows 11

Windows already supports these stores in many ways, and if we can put them on the Microsoft Store, that would be great. Of course, this means that we are also looking forward to other companies if they want to join us. In fact, this is why we are introducing some new rules.
I would really like to make it so that you can go to the store, enter the application and download what you want.

– Panos Panay, Windows Manager

I wonder if this is the surprise that Gabe Newell talked about last month. Then he transparently hinted that by the end of the year Valve’s service may appear on consoles.

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