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Monster Hunter film producers apologize for the line that caused the scandal in China



Monster Hunter film producers apologize for the line that caused the scandal in China

The statement was shared by the German film company Constantin Film, which was engaged in the production of the film adaptation of Monster Hunter together with other studios. They apologized to the Chinese audience.

We want to sincerely apologize to the Chinese audience for a line of dialogue that could be heard in Monster Hunter. We didn’t want to discriminate or offend people from China.

Constantin Film listened and removed the line that led to this unintended misunderstanding from the film.

Constantin Film

Apparently, we are talking not only about the version of the film for Chinese distribution but also about versions for other regions — in many of them the film has not yet been released.

The reason for the scandal was a remark with a joke similar to another racist and offensive expression in China. Because of it, the film was almost immediately removed from distribution in the country and, apparently, now even a remounted version can be completely banned by local regulators.

Chinese viewers were mostly satisfied with this decision and began to criticize the authors for their attitude to their country — many felt that they should not turn a blind eye to such cases if inconvenient replicas are simply cut out of the film for Chinese distribution.

Even the game Monster Hunter World got-since the beginning of December, it has received more than two thousand negative reviews on Steam, although Capcom did not participate in the production of the film and has already reminded about it.

Whether Chinese viewers and local regulators will be satisfied with Constantin Film’s apology, and whether the film will be released locally again, is unclear.

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