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Mugen Souls Z – Review



Mugen Souls Z - Review

Mugen Souls Z is the latest addition to the Mugen Souls series developed by Compile Heart and published by East Asiasoft Limited. It was originally launched on PlayStation 3 back in 2013 and then on PC in 2016, and recently it has made its way to Nintendo Switch. This is our review of Mugen Souls Z on Switch.

The story of Mugen Souls Z takes place after the event of the original game, Mugen Souls. Chou Chou has conquered all 7 worlds and now she has her eyes on the other 12 galaxies. Little does she know that every galaxy has its own God who controls the galaxy and as she sets her course to conquer the galaxies, she gets trapped in Syrma’s Coffin. Syrma is a new protagonist in Mugen Souls Z who is a God herself. To regain the powers of Chou Chou, players must set their course to other galaxies to get their Gods’ powers to gain back Chou Chou’s powers. It is a compelling story very similar to the original game and you will enjoy the adventure as things are similarly rushed and silly which just makes the experience lovable.

The Gameplay of Mugen Souls Z is similar to the original game which is a turn-based action-adventure. However, several gameplay mechanics have been improved like the Shopping Area and fast traveling to another world to continue with the main missions. As the main quests will require you to travel to various worlds from time to time, it helps a lot that you don’t have to go through several menus to fast travel. You will be traveling a lot and as you reach the required world, you need to make your way to the mission area for which you might have to encounter multiple battles.

It is because the enemies are almost everywhere and you cannot simply reach the point of interest by going straight to the location like good old Final Fantasy. The combat of this game is also somewhat chaotic as the original game but it is not as grindy as the original game. There are certain combat mechanics that you need to consider using for your fights like making your enemies your Peon and making them fight alongside you to remain victorious.

The main reason for Mugen Souls Z to get popular on Switch is for the Bath Mini-Game which was removed from the original PS3 release. However, the Bath Mini-Game has been improved and added to the Switch port of the game with no censorship. For the bath mini-game, you will get a scrub and brush that you can use to wash your party members with revealed illustrations. It has been a decade since the original release and now, you can finally wash the girls to buff them up.

Verdict – Score 7/10

The Mugen Souls Z is a fast-paced story delivery game with ever-changing environments that can intrigue you with the amazing story. With all the chaos in the universe, you will enjoy your time with Mugen Souls Z game as the game also brings back some of the old characters like Altis. The game takes about roughly 20 hours to complete and it is an overall crazy experience for which you will have a strange appreciation for yourself at the end.

Mugen Souls Z is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS3.

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