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Neon City Riders will be released on Nintendo Switch next year



Neon City Riders will be released on Nintendo Switch next year

Bromio has announced that it will release and produce Neon City Riders games for PlayStation4, XboxOne, Switch and PC via Steam in early 2020.

Here is an overview of the game via Bromio:

Do you want to enjoy a 2D action and adventure game mixed with super-powerful urban gangs set in a post-cyberpunk neon setting? Well, if this is your case, Neon City Riders is perfect for you!

Put yourself in the shoes of Rick, a masked vigilante who needs to explore the decaying futuristic neon city in search of objects, super powers and companions to defeat the four gang bosses with super powers and free the inhabitants.

Neon City Riders is an action and adventure game created by Mecha Studios and inspired by the science fiction of the 80s. Each place is made up of different aesthetics, enemies, mechanics, puzzles and side missions; making Neon City Riders a solid experience with multiple endings.

Even when it is generally known that cyberpunk has a black and dark nature, NCR has a very serious plot that is based on a colorful, cartoonish, chibi aesthetic; a catchy and cheerful soundtrack based on 16 bits; and a pleasant narrative tone.

Main feature

  • Step into the depths of every turf while attacking, colliding and parrying members of the evil gang.
  • Explore at your own phase the open-ended map of the Neon City’s turfs in the order that suits you.
  • Unlock super-powers to enhance your strength and reach new areas.
  • Use all your abilities to complete puzzles and open new routes in your map.
  • Immerse in the multi-ending story through the cinema displays and the dialogues of the more than 100 Neon City inhabitants.
  • Recruit useful partners to improve your adventure skills.
  • Fight challenging bosses and show them who the heroes are!
  • Help city residents complete border defense missions and obtain special items.
  • Enjoy original music from video game consoles from the 80s and 90s.

Here is the trailer

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