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Super Mario Maker 2 will be updated with the Master Sword of The Legend of Zelda



Super Mario Maker 2 will be updated with the Master Sword of The Legend of Zelda

Today we get the news regarding Super Mario Maker 2, which will be updated with the Master sword of the Legend of Zelda on December 5, 2019. This is a free update that will introduce a series of additional elements, both in the form of objects than of enemies. There is, however, a special element that fans cannot but adore: the Master Sword, or the sword that exorcises evil, of The Legend of Zelda .

Here you can see in a video(Given below), the first element introduced will be Spike, an enemy that throws bolted balls that can also be used to interact in the game environment. In snowy levels, Spike will launch rolling, less dangerous snowballs instead. Then, there will be the Pokey , a column of spheres full of needles that, at night, fly freely; in the snowy levels, instead, it becomes a snowman who can be hit from above.

We will then find the frozen Coin , which must be thawed with the burning spheres. Then there is the P Block which is activated with a switch P for a short period. We then move to the snap lock for the style of Super Mario 3D World, which allows you to run much faster and make longer jumps.

As for the Master Sword, instead, Super Mario Maker 2 makes it an upgrade that transforms Mario into Link , but only in Super Mario Bros style levels. In Link version, Mario is able to attack with a short-range sword, defend yourself with the shield, make an attack while running and even falling. Mario-Link also features a bow and arrows to collect objects too far apart. It does not end here, however, because the classic bomb is also available to open paths.

In addition, the Ninji Racing mode will be added, asking you to make a speedrun and compete against the times of players around the world. New routes for this mode will be released periodically and will give access to in-game items such as clothing

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