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New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Amiibo Cards Series on the way



New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Amiibo Cards Series on the way

We have an interesting rumor related to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This indicates that new amiibo cards for the game are on the way.

The information comes from a specialized Tyeforce dataminer who has analyzed the current amiibo landscape and the codes related to the latest figures and products of this brand. The findings are summarized as follows:

Basically, within the data of each amiibo, there is a string of 16 characters with various hexadecimal values that hold all of the identification info about the amiibo. I’ll use the Isabelle (Winter Outfit) amiibo as an example to explain how this works. Those identifying 16 characters for that specific Isabelle amiibo are as follows:


Now if that doesn’t mean anything to you, let’s break it down into parts:

0181 01 00 023F 05 02

The first four characters (or two bytes) contain the character information, organized by franchise. For example: 0000 is Mario, 0001 is Luigi, 0002 is Peach, etc., while 0100 is Link, 0101 is Zelda, and so on.

Animal Crossing characters start at 0180, which is Villager, and Isabelle is next in line at 0181. Any Isabelle amiibo should have this exact value here.

The next two characters/single byte tells if this is a certain variation of the character in question. Usually this is 00 in most cases, meaning that’s the standard, non-variant form of that character. For example, most Mario amiibo are 00 here, but Dr. Mario is variant 01, and Cat Mario is variant 03. In the case of this Isabelle amiibo, the value is 01, indicating that the Winter Outfit is a variant; the Summer Outfit and Super Smash Bros. Isabelle amiibo figures have a value of 00 instead, which says that Isabelle’s Summer Outfit is her non-variant form.

Next we have another byte of two characters that says what physical form the amiibo takes. 00 is figure, 01 is card, 02 is plush, and 03 is band.

Since this Isabelle amiibo is a figure, the value is 00. Simple!

Leading off the back half of this string of data are four characters that are very important here. This can be called the amiibo’s print/model/ID number or whatever you wanna call it (I’ll refer to these as “amiibo ID numbers” or simply “IDs” here), but basically it is a unique identifier that is different for each specific amiibo release. This value is how games can tell the difference between amiibo that are otherwise identical in their identification data outside of this value. For example, the Super Mario series Mario, Mario (Gold Edition), Mario (Silver Edition), and Mario (Wedding Outfit) all share the same identification data (00000000xxxx0102) except this ID number. These IDs start with the Smash Bros. Mario amiibo at 0000 and are assigned to new amiibo sequentially, with very few instances of IDs that are skipped and left unused. This is the key to my discovery here, and these gaps in ID numbers have been reliable in giving us hints towards future amiibo releases multiple times before, too—a notable example being the Breath of the Wild Champion amiibo being expected months in advance. Anyway, more on these ID gaps soon.

After the aforementioned ID number, there are two final bytes. The first of which are two characters that signify the specific amiibo series—00 being Smash Bros., 01 being Super Mario, etc. For Isabelle here, 05 is Animal Crossing, which is used for both the figures and card series. After this series value, the final byte always consists of 02. And that’s it!

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