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New Xbox update will prevent kids from wasting their money on microtransactions



New Xbox update will prevent kids from wasting their money on microtransactions

Xbox seems to have gone one step further to protect its users, as the new Xbox update will prevent children from spending money without parental consent. Microtransactions are a controversial topic in the world of video games. And while anti-loot box legislation seems to always be on the table, microtransactions aren’t going anywhere. However, Xbox is taking steps to prevent kids from spending money on microtransactions or doing too much shopping in general.

Microsoft has shared a new Xbox update, specifically to the Xbox Family Settings app that will limit the amount of money a user can spend with a single account. The company has reportedly received feedback on this feature.

New Xbox update

On the relevance of this new Xbox update, Microsoft specifically cited in-app purchases, which mostly means microtransactions, as one of the transactions that can be limited. However, the new spend capping features go a bit beyond setting a cap. Parents will have the option of allowing or denying their children spending money in the Microsoft Store, and will also be able to monitor the account balance in the app if they want to see how much their child is spending.

In addition, Xbox will continue to add similar features in the future, although it does not specify what they will be. It is not uncommon to hear of children who have racked up huge credit card bills due to spending on microtransactions. Those interested in the application can download it on iOS or Android, where it is available for free. The Xbox Family Settings app includes other features that can help manage a child’s account.

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