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Nintendo confirms selling ACNH villagers for real money is against terms of service



Nintendo warns those who are reselling ACNH villagers for real money

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has gained immense popularity during the worldwide pandemic. The game is not only relaxing but also provides an immersive experience. One can simply enjoy the game without having to worry about rules or enemies to defeat. Moreover, the game continues to add new content, therefore, keeping the experience fresh.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced a ton of new animal villagers. However, cute though they may be, some of their home decor choices are weird.

As you know, in the game there are some very popular villagers like Raymond, Marshal, Marina, Zucker, Dom who get to sell for large sums of money on the Internet to have them on the island. For example, in the case of the last few weeks, we saw that on Japanese buying and selling platforms it is available for about 5,000 yen ($45). However, offers have been seen reaching 8000 yen ($75).

Given this, the media J-Cast News decided to ask Nintendo what he thinks about it. A public relations spokesman for the company has shared that they are aware of this issue and that at Nintendo they think that this purchasing and selling the villagers for real money goes against their terms of use.

He adds that they are considering taking actions in relation to some of these sellers, such as in the Dom offer that we mentioned above and also in others, case by case. However, he did not go into detail about what they plan to do.

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