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Nintendo won’t have other streaming services on Switch, says Astris Advisory Japan analyst



Nintendo Switch is updated to version 13.0.0 with support for Bluetooth audio and more

Although surely many do not lose hope of being able to play titles thanks to the cloud.

You may be wondering if Nintendo will, at some point, increase the number of playable titles on Switch by adding support for some streaming services. For example, like Google Stadia or even Xbox Cloud, but we could have very bad news when the answer is no.

After one analyst gave some reasons why this would make sense, another with some knowledge of the facts said that Nintendo was not at all open to the idea. It all started on Twitter when many users watching Microsoft’s Game Stack event saw a Nintendo Switch displayed on one of the shelves. Mat Piscatella suggested that ” an Xbox Cloud app on Switch is a win-win “, continuing with some reasons that would make sense.

” When Game Pass becomes available on devices other than Xbox consoles, players will gain more places to play and lose … nothing, ” said Piscatella. ” None of this means it will make it to the Switch, but there are reasons why it should. Nintendo would gain massive content and sell millions of Switches in increments .”

But joy in a well when Astris Advisory Japan analyst David Gibson appeared to say: “It would make a lot of sense what Mat Piscatella says, but Nintendo has told me outright that they would not put other streaming services on the Switch. Opportunity missed. .. “.

Daniel Ahmad, another well-known industry analyst, suggested that Switch users could expect some kind of expansion on the current Switch cloud service, developed by Nintendo in collaboration with Ubitus.

This has made games like Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed, Hitman 3, and Control playable on Switch and Switch Lite with an improved ” Cloud Version ” mode; although only in some countries. Of course, this without an official announcement from Nintendo is still dead paper and anything may be possible, but it may be that there is nothing beyond it and Gibson is right.

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