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No Man’s Sky Waypoint: Best Duplication Glitches (Update 4.0)



No Man’s Sky Waypoint: Best Duplication Glitches (Update 4.0)

No Man’s Sky Waypoint also has different Duplication Glitches which can be done with Portable Refiner. Portable Refiner is normally used to refine exquisite materials but you can also use it to duplicate the material. There are many valuable materials in No Man’s Sky Waypoint that are worth the fortune and you can duplicate them by doing a simple trick.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you the best 2 Duplication Glitches in No Man’s Sky Waypoint.

Duplicating Starship AI Valves

Starship AI Valves are one of the most valuable items in the game. In the previous version, its price was around 50 million and now in the 4.0 update, they nerfed it and now its price is 12 million but still, it has its worth. To duplicate the Starship AI Valves, you need to put down a total of three Portable Refiners by using Metal Plating and Oxygen. Place the first portable refiner and place the Starship AI Valves inside the refiner. After that, you need to place the next two refiners on each side of the first refiner. But you need to place them in a specific spot. You need to place the left refiner a little bit inside the first refiner to a point where the right side of the Orange Stripe meets the left orange stripe of the first refiner. Now check the left refiner to see if the Starship AI Valves are moved to this refiner. If it has then placed another refiner on the right side of the first refiner in the exact same position. After placing all three refiners in the right direction, you’d be able to retrieve two extra Starship AI Valves.

Duplicated Activated Indium

Activated Indium is worth around 1 million a stack in the update 4.0 and to duplicate this material, you are going to need a lot of space in your inventory because you can duplicate it as much as you can store the Portable Refiner in your inventory. You’ll be putting all of the Portable Refiner to move it to each and every refiner and then collect it from the refiners. You need to stand in a position and place the refiner then put the Activated Indum inside the refiner and then start placing all the refiners that you have in your inventory one by one in the exact same spot. After placing all of the refiners, start picking up the refiners one by one. You’ll start getting the Activated Indium with each refiner you pick.

Duplicated Activated Indium

You can duplicate any material from these refiner methods. If you want to duplicate any other material just put the material in the refiner and do the three-refiner method or a stack of refiner method to duplicate the material.

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