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No Man’s Sky Waypoint: What is Info Portal?



No Man’s Sky Waypoint: What is Info Portal?

No Man’s Sky Waypoint’s new update 4.0 is out now with a lot of new features and Game mods for the players to play a game with a new experience. One of the new features in the No Man’s Sky Waypoint is the Info Portal.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what is the Info Portal in No Man’s Sky Waypoint.

Info Portal

The Update 4.0 has a new feature named Info Portal that collects information on the progression which a player has completed. It will also tell the player about all the items that he has collected in the game so far and also give the information on the items that he has unlocked. The items will include ships, parts, weapons, etc. The Info Portal will also give a brief summary of the main story to the player that he has completed and provide the player with a hint of what the player has to do next.

This new feature is very helpful as it will give an overview of your past progression in the game and everything that you’ve unlocked in the game until now. The players that will rejoin the game after a while will get to know all about their progression and items so they can focus on their objective more clearly. Whereas the new players will also be given a brief introduction to the story so they get an idea of what they have to do and how to unlock the items in the game.

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