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No noticeable fan noise on PS5 at all, the console remained cold after 80 minutes of gameplay



Official Xbox accounts launch new taunts at Sony for the size of PS5, its base ... which they then delete

On October 4, the Japanese division of PlayStation held a separate preview for journalists and bloggers.

Something completely new was not shown at the exhibition, but there are many photos of PS5 and DualSense from different angles, as well as demonstrations of the speed of downloads of starting titles like Godfall and Astro’s Playroom.

The press was provided with preview PS5 units with a disk drive — journalists were not shown the OS and were not allowed to try out the functions of buttons like Create.

Those who tried out the PS5 noted that the console is very quiet and almost does not warm up during the game, and the backlight in DualSense, according to them, is implemented much better than in DualShock 4 and does not distract so much from the gameplay.

In addition, you can see in the video how the controller changes the color of the backlight. As part of the preview, they also confirmed that the single standard for the “confirm” function will be “X” — as a rule, before in Japan, the button on the side was always responsible for this — for example, the “circle” on the PlayStation or the “B” button on the Xbox.

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