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New Mii Outfits Confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Including Bomberman, Travis, and More



Following the announcement of Steve and Alex from Minecraft as new DLC characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo also announced a new presentation for today October 3 where these characters would be shown in detail. At that time, it was confirmed that this Direct would leave us the release date of this additional content and more details. One of them has been the confirmation of new suits for the Mii fighters.

In the presentation, we learned that more costumes are on the way for the game as paid content. They can be obtained on October 13 (early morning of October 14 in Europe) for € 0.80 each, as well as other outfits previously released for the fighting title, and they are the following:

  • Creeper (karateka)
  • Pig (karateka )
  • Diamond Armor (swordsman)
  • Gil (swordsman)
  • Bomberman (karateka)
  • Travis from No More Heroes (swordsman)

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