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Nobody Saves the World: How to unlock the Dragon. Requirements by rank to take into account



Nobody Saves the World: How to unlock the Dragon. Requirements by rank to take into account

Of all the characters available in Nobody Saves the World, the most succulent that can be unlocked is the Dragon, without a doubt. Basically, because he is the last one on the list. And because he is a dragon, what the hell! That is always cool.

Being the last one also implies a long way to get said Dragon, so we are going to tell you first what requirements you must meet to unlock it.

Make the Egg reach the last S rank

There are three crucial pillars to gaining access to the Dragon in Nobody Saves the World and the first of them is part of the seemingly insignificant Egg. It is mandatory that you reach the S rank with the Egg and for this, you have to find five nests, of which we provide you with their exact location on the map.

And “only” rank C for Robot and Necromancer

The other two pillars are linked by forcing us to reach C rank for Robot and Necromancer, which start from two different sections of the character tree. And this, although it may seem more affordable, is a long process by forcing us to unlock all the previous characters, having the most laborious process in the Monk, unlockable with rank A of Horse and Mage; and the Scoundrel, by doing the same when Babosa and Bodybuilder get rank A.

And to achieve that you will have to play to the maximum with the synergies when you are halfway through the campaign and you have run into a hammer-shaped character who is the one who will enable you that striking feature of Nobody Saves the World with which you can exchange abilities between all your characters.

Because beyond being essential to survive, it is also essential for the missions to raise the level of each character, by forcing you to try a series of special synergies. It is where this DrinkBox work shines brightest.

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