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Nobody Saves the World: Where are all the nests to level up the Egg and reach S grade



Nobody Saves the World: Where are all the nests to level up the Egg and reach S grade

The most striking character in Nobody Saves the World is without a doubt the Egg. Apparently, it is useless, but it is essential to unlocking the Dragon and also gives us one of the most useful skills of the entire adventure: incubation.

That is why we urge you to improve the Rat to reach grade B and thus unlock the Egg in the first instance and then start the search for all the nests to improve this character and everything that it entails in general.

First nest in Nobody Saves the World

The first nest has practically no loss, being very close to the second tower necessary to fulfill the mission of the castle in the first town. You have to access just south of said tower and transformed into Rat or Slug as it is a narrow passage and the other access on the left is closed. You transform into an egg, approach the nest, and wait for the bird to perch. Then you open the missions menu to collect it level up the Egg and go to grade D.

Second nest west of the desert area

The second Egg nest isn’t too big of a loss either, being located on the westernmost edge of the map, very close to the imposing dungeon of the gigantic Ancient Robot that is essential to further progress in the campaign.

Third nest in the League of Mages region

With a much higher level and an advanced campaign, you can enter other areas of the map with guarantees, such as the easternmost one through the forest. If you go to the extreme right you will find the Catacombs of the Witch Queen, with a recommended level of 40. And if you go just from there to the south you will see the base of the League of Mages. You will find the nest by going further down, diagonally to the left. And yes, you will have to get a little wet. Or use the Ghost.

Fourth nest on the Dragon Lord’s Keep route

Near the final stretch, in one of the required dungeons to end the campaign, you’ll see the Dragon Lord’s Keep activate in the far north-west of the map. It is a hellish region in which you will have to take a small detour starting from the most central area of ​​the map. Shortly before said Keep you will see two simple dungeons: Dark Nest and Headless Colossus, located almost vertically on a par. The nest is precisely right next to the Headless Colossus, by a tiny entrance to the north that is very easy to miss.

Fifth and last nest to reach S grade

For the last nest, you will have to progress a lot in the campaign until the “Secret Corporation” dungeon is activated, in the upper right corner of the map. The good news is that you won’t need to complete that test to see the nest since it’s located just down the path to the right. Now, you will need to transform into a Turtle, Mermaid, or Ghost to be able to go through the water. And that’s it. Degrees!

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