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One Piece Odyssey: Where to Find Straw Hat of Luffy



One Piece Odyssey: Where to Find Straw Hat of Luffy

One Piece Odyssey is an RPG action-adventure game that takes place on an island named “Mysterious Island”. Players will get to meet new characters from different areas of the island as they progress through the main story. Players will have to complete the main story quests to progress ahead in the game and one of the early quests that you will get to complete is finding the Straw Hat of Luffy.

In this Guide, we’ll tell you where to find Straw Hat in One Piece Odyssey.

Finding Straw Hat of Luffy

Luffy has lost his Straw Hat which is one of the symbols of his Pirate Crew and he will realize that when all the characters are back together at the South Beach of the Mysterious Island. To gather all the Pirate Characters at South Beach, players will have to Rescue Nami from the Beast. This will unlock Zoro and Nami characters.

In the cutscene, all the characters will find Brook back at South Beach and from there Luffy will begin his search for the Straw Hat. There are many Magnifying Symbols at the Beach that you can check to look for the Straw Hat but it is vain to find it at those spots. You need to go toward the Pirate Ship’s Anchor which has blocked the path. Once you get there, Zoro will use his ability to make a way through the Anchor and unlock a new area of the Mysterious Island.

Go to the opened path and you will get to fight one of the main bosses. You will get to fight fire Colossus and once you have defeated it, a cutscene will play in which the characters will meet two new characters from the Mysterious Island. Players will meet Lim and Adio. During the cutscene, Luffy will get his Straw Hat back from Lim and after the cutscene, you will get to fight Fire Colossus again but you only have to hit normal attacks. After that, the next cutscene will start and you will get to the next quest of the 1st chapter.

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