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One Piece Odyssey: Where to find Pop Cream



One Piece Odyssey: Where to find Pop Cream

One Piece Odyssey is a Role-Playing Video Game that takes place on an island named Mysterious Island. Players will get to meet new characters from different areas of the Island and get to fight new monsters and creatures. Players will find different kinds of items on the Mysterious Island and one of the material items that players find in the early Episodes is Pop Cream.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Pop Cream in One Piece Odyssey.

Finding Pop Cream

Pop Cream is one of the materials that can be used as an ingredient to cook different food recipes. Players will start to find Pop Cream material when they reach Nanohana town in the Desert. Pop Cream can be found by breaking the Pots, Boxes, and Barrels. It can be obtained by completing the side quests for NPCs in the towns.

You can also get Pop Cream from the Variety Store in Nanohana Town. You can find the Shop on the South side of the town. Go inside the Shop and select the Purchase option to view the Items. Change the Items category to Materials to find the Pop Cream Item. Pop Cream Item selling price is 300 and you can buy a number of Pop Creams at once.

To use the Pop Cream, make sure to complete the quest of giving the Scorpion and Clam Soup to Cook. Completing that quest will unlock the Cooking for Sanji and you will be able to cook food on your own at Campsites or at Tavern.

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