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Sailing Era: How to Sell Accessories



Sailing Era: How to Sell Accessories

Sailing Era is an Adventure Strategy game in which players will get to explore the great sea to find new lands and make history. The whole game requires being in the sea and continuously gathering the goods and items for the sailors on board. Keeping your Storage Supply is extremely important as well as gathering other items from the Taverns and Shops. As players explore through the Sea, they will find different accessories that can be stored in Character’s Bag. All the Accessories are worth a decent amount of money and players can sell them to make money.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to sell accessories in Sailing Era.

Selling Accessories

There are different types of accessories that all the characters in the game will find while exploring the Great Sea. Accessories can be found from scavenging Pirates’ Ship(s), scavenging boxes in the ocean, and completing the main or side quests of different Ports. Accessories consist of the following things.

  • Weapons
  • Ships’ Components
  • Clothes
  • Maps
  • Books

Players will find these accessories throughout their gameplay and will store them in the character’s bag. Character’s Bag can hold 99 accessories in total. After sailing in the sea for an hour or more, you will have a high number of resources in your bag. You can sell these resources to make some money.

To sell the accessories, you will have to go to a store that deals in Weapons, Ships’ Components, Clothes, Maps, and Books. Not all the ports and lands on the map have such merchants. You will have to go to much bigger ports or lands to find them. However, there is one near every character’s beginning port. It will be the Book Store but you can sell the merchant all of the accessory items you have in your bag.

Press the Q button to select Sell Trade and you will be able to select the accessory items in your bag that you want to sell. After selecting the accessories, press the F button to confirm the trade and you will get money for the accessories.

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