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Sailing Era: How to Fight Pirates in Sea



Sailing Era: How to Fight Pirates in Sea

Sailing Era is a Role-Playing Strategy game that offers a Great Sea Sailing experience with 4 different characters to the players. Players will go to the Great Sea Adventures to make history or take revenge. While exploring, your character’s ship can be encountered by the pirates of the area you are sailing in. Pirates only have 1 motive and that is to get the loot of the ship. They will try to shoot your ships with cannons and loot your fleet. In order to survive them, you have to fight back to save yourself and your fleet.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Fight Pirates in Sailing Era.

Fighting Pirates in Sea

Your fleet can easily get under attack by pirates while sailing in the sea. To save the fleet and goods of your ship from pirates, you will have to fight back. Every character’s ship has canons and to use the canons, players will have to be engaged in a battle. When pirates get close to you, the canons will be activated and you will get to control the canons to shoot the pirates.

Canons are on both sides of the ship and you can switch between these canons by pressing the R button or Middle Mouse button. To shoot the canons, press the “Spacebar” button or the Left Click of the mouse. The Canons have an alignment that you have to set according to the positioning of the pirates’ ship(s). Once the pirates’ Ship(s) are in alignment with the canons, shoot the canons to deal damage to their ship.

Another important aspect of the battle is “Keep Moving”. You need to control the ship and move in a circle and stay in the range of the pirates to align the canons with pirates to deal damage to their ship. However, it can be dangerous when there are more pirate ships. While doing circles around pirates’ ships, you need to keep switching the canons to shoot from both sides.

At the start, it will take some practice to sink the Pirates’ ship but as you progress further in the story, you will get to modify and upgrade your ship which will increase the damage of the canons as well. Defeating the Pirates will allow you to loot the supplies and goods of pirates for your fleet.

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