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Sailing Era: How to Get Contracts



Sailing Era: How to Get Contracts

Sailing Era is a Role-Playing Strategy game that offers a Great Sea Sailing experience with 4 different characters to the players. Players will select a character and explore the Great Sea to find new lands and ports with that character to make history. The characters will have to follow a main questline of the game to make progress but there are other side quests and contracts as well that you can complete.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Contracts in Sailing Era.

Getting Contracts

All the characters in the game are explorers and all of them have the same goal and that is to make history. At the beginning of the game, players will get to complete the main quests of the character to explore some new lands and ports in the Great Sea. However, apart from the main quests, players can complete side quests of different NPCs as well as complete contracts.

Contracts require certain types of items and accessories that can be found by scavenging the Pirates or sunken ships in the sea. Each contract has a time limit and players will have to complete and submit the contract in time to get paid. Contracts pay way much more money than regular quests so, it is something that players should look into while exploring the sea.

To get the contracts, you need to dock at the big city Ports. However, there are different ports in the game. Some Ports are bigger and they have more options related to the ships and restocking as well as Admin. Some Ports are small and they only provide the service of the stores through which players can buy and sell goods. Players will have to dock at the big city where they can talk to the admin and can get access to the Downtown.

Each Big City Port has a Downtown area where the players can go to the Trade Center and Commerce Guild. Commerce Guild will let players accept the contracts of the NPC as well as submit contracts if there were any accepted previously. After getting the contract, you will have to get the required items in the contract and then submit the contract at the location with the items to complete it.

Contracts are well-paid quests and it is one of the ways to make money quickly in the game.

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