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Sailing Era: How to Recruit More Sailors



Sailing Era: How to Recruit More Sailors

Sailing Era is an Adventure Strategy game in which players will get to explore the great sea to find new lands and make history. The whole game requires being in the sea. While exploring the Great Sea, characters will have to dock at different docks and lands to discover them. As the Great Sea is so Vast, your character will have its own fleet and all the supplies needed for the fleet. Long journeys can be difficult as they will require more sailors on board as well as more supplies.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to recruit more Sailors in Sailing Era.

Why Sailors Are Important

As characters will explore different lands and ports with their Fleet, they will have to watch their supplies for every journey. Supplies are the main resource that will push you toward your destination. If you run out of your supplies, you will have to restart from the checkpoint. As you lost your supplies, you will also lose your Sailors on board. If your sailors are lower than the number of sailors required for the ship, it will get difficult to fight the pirates in the sea. Because after every few moments when you enter a new area, the pirates of that area will attack you.

Recruiting Sailors

In every fight, you will lose some of your sailors and supplies so, it is recommended to recruit sailors before starting your journey ahead. To recruit the sailor, follow the following steps.

  • Go to any port or land in the sea.
  • Access the Café option.
  • Select the Treat option first to give drinks to your Fleet.
  • After that, select the Recruit Sailors option to get new Sailors for the Ship.
  • Sometimes, there will be no sailors available so, you will have to come back after several days or a month. But you can always check other ports and lands for the Sailors.

You will be charged according to the number of sailors you are missing in your fleet. If you have more than one ship then you will have to get more sailors for both off the ship and you can set the number of sailors as well before setting sail. You can adjust the number of sailors in the Sail Preparation option.

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