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Sailing Era: How to Get More Ships



Sailing Era: How to Get More Ships

Sailing Era is an Adventure Strategy game in which players will get to explore the great sea to find new lands and make history. The whole game requires being in the sea and exploring new lands and ports in different regions of the Great Sea. Players will have control of their fleet in which they will be able to control the ship and decide where to dock or restock supplies for the journey. As players progress through the game, they will have to get more ships to make things easier for the journey.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get more ships in Sailing Era.

Getting More Ships

If players want to expand their character’s Fleet, they will have to get more ships. If there is more than one ship in your fleet, it will assist you in fighting pirates and assist you in getting more items and accessories.

To get more ships, you will have to buy the ships from Shipyard. You need to dock at the port to access the Shipyard. However, there are different ports in the game. Some Ports are bigger and they have more options related to the ships and restocking. Some Ports are small and they only provide the service of the stores through which players can buy and sell goods.

You need to go to the Ports that have the option of a Shipyard and you will be able to buy new ships from there. You will get to buy smaller ships than your original ship. The Ships that you can buy from the Shipyard are called Sloops. Sloops are smaller ships and they also require a low number of sailors on board. You can buy a Sloop for only 10,000 Gold which is a very reasonable price. You can easily make 10k by selling the goods or accessories to shops & merchants.

Once you have bought the ships, they will sail with you behind your Master Ship. However, you will only have control of your original ship but if you run into any pirates, the Sloops will assist you in defeating the pirates and will let you obtain more goods and accessories from them.

If your Sloops are wrecked during the battle against Pirates or in the Storm, you will have to buy the sloops again. However, you will still be able to scavenge the loot from the wrecked Sloop and might save a few of your sailors on the sloops.

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