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Ordinances in AC New Horizons: How to change the behavior of neighbors and NPCs



Ordinances in AC New Horizons: How to change the behavior of neighbors and NPCs

The ordinances are a system that is now available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons thanks to the 2.0 update of the game for all players for free. This mechanic, which has been rescued from AC: New Leaf, is very useful because it allows us to change the behavior of our neighbors on the island and the NPCs so that they do certain things as we want.

So, in case you don’t know how it works, next in this entry of our complete guide we explain what the ordinances are, which ones are available and what each of them does, and how to activate them.

What are ordinances and how to activate them?

As we have already told you, the ordinances are like guidelines that we can choose in AC: New Horizons to “force” our neighbors and NPCs on the island to behave in specific ways. For example, everyone to wake up very early so that the tents are available sooner, or to keep the island clean of weeds even if we are not present.

Requirements for issuing ordinances

The first step to be able to issue ordinances is to update the game to its latest version (at least to version 2.0 that adds this mechanic). The update is free and you simply have to connect your console to the Internet to download it. Keep in mind that it occupies about 7 GB, so make sure you have enough space to install it.

With the game updated, when you enter your game, Isabelle will comment in the daily news release that from now on a new system of island directives has been opened in the neighborhood management office by which we can issue ordinances. To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the town hall building and sit at the Cinnamon counter.
  • Among the available options select “Island Directives”.
  • Now choose the dialog option that says “Ordinances”.
  • Cinnamon will inform you that issuing a new ordinance has a cost of 20,000 bells.
  • Accept and you can choose one of the available ordinances. To activate it you will have to pay the mentioned price.

Be careful, it is important to note that in order to issue ordinances you must be the island’s neighborhood spokesperson. That is the main player who originally created the island (in case there is more than one player on the island). Remember that every time you want to change the ordinance you will have to pay the 20,000 bells, so choose well before doing so so as not to spend money foolishly.

All the ordinances and how each one works

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons a total of 4 different ordinances are available to change the behavior of neighbors and NPCs. Here’s how each of them works:

  • Like a whistle: the neighbors will clean the weeds, water the flowers, and take care of keeping the island clean and free of garbage.
  • To get up early: the schedules in the routines of the neighbors are advanced 3 hours so that everyone will be awake earlier in the morning and the stores will open earlier.
  • Nightlife: Neighbors’ routine hours are delayed 3 hours, so everyone gets up later but will stay up longer at night and stores close later.
  • Bells in abundance: all prices on the island increase by 10%, but in the meantime the amount of money you get for selling items increases.


Scorpion attack ruins this Animal Crossing: New Horizons player’s entry into the New Year



Scorpion attack ruins this Animal Crossing: New Horizons player's entry into the New Year

An interesting publication related to one of the most prominent Switch titles comes back to us. In this case, we are talking about Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Today it is a message that has recently been gone viral on Reddit with more than 13,000 points when it shows the bad luck that the player who published the post had. In the image, we can see that he suffered a scorpion attack that left him KO right in the game’s New Years’ event. In fact, it seems to have happened right at the beginning of the year.

Without a doubt, it is a curious way to start 2022. Here you have it:

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All Animal Crossing: New Horizons changes that the latest updates haven’t told you about



All Animal Crossing: New Horizons changes that the latest updates haven't told you about

Animal Crossing New Horizons has changed a lot in version 2.0 and surrogates, and many changes to the Switch game had remained hidden … until now.

Version 2.0 of Animal Crossing New Horizons introduced many new features to the most successful Nintendo Switch game, such as the kitchen, the museum cafeteria, the gyroids …

We have covered much of the content of version 2.0 in previous guides, such as the complete list of gyroids, the food objects that changed their nature, the secret rewards of the cafe, or a new way to Get Star Shards.

But it turns out that there have been still more changes in this version. And although we have already broken down all the version 2.0 changes of October 2021, including the most secret ones, there were still more changes, some very small, but that Nintendo never reported.

All Animal Crossing New Horizons changes that the latest updates haven’t told you about

Get two photos of the villagers

animal crossing new horizons happy home paradise

The photos of the villagers when they become close friends with you are one of the most coveted objects, but what perhaps some did not know is that you can get several copies of the photo.

Since version 2.0 there is a new condition: speak at least 10 different days with the villager who gave you the photo to be able to get a second one. So even when you’ve got the photo, don’t neglect your relationship with the villagers!

Buh get more generous

Animal Crossing New Horizons Buh

The Phantom Buh, who comes out on a few random nights on the island, is now much more generous after the October 2021 update. Putting his five Essence Shards together will give us furniture with a much higher monetary value in Bells.

Specifically, if we ask for ” something that he does not have “, he will give us a piece of furniture that we do not have in the inventory with a maximum value of 15,000 bells, and if we ask for ” something expensive “, he will give us something that is worth between 6,000 and 100,000 bells.

Changes in the island finder in dreams

Animal Crossing New Horizons

The mechanic of visiting other players ‘islands in dreams is one of the best ways to get inspired to modify your island, or just have fun watching other players’ creations. Here we leave you many islands that you can visit with codes … but they are no longer necessary in the game.

And it is that the most recent update has added the possibility of visiting islands searching by name. That is, if you have allowed your island to be visited, you only have to provide the name of your island so that others can visit it, which makes it much easier. For example, have you visited that island that recreates the Mario Kart 8 circuit?

New postcard designs

At the airfield, you can buy postcards to send to your online friends or other villagers, and without prior notice, two new letter designs have been added, with fireworks on urban background, and with a mountain reminiscent of Mount Fuji: Dawn Year Postcard New and Postcard Fireworks.

The funny thing is that these designs were already in the game before, but for some reason, perhaps a bug, they could not be purchased until now.

New items until 2032 … that you can get without traveling in time

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Update 2.0.5 introduced new objects of the Chinese zodiac, animal figures according to the animals of each year (2022 is the year of the tiger), which you can get for a limited time in the MiniNook catalog.

Of course, you can get all these items earlier by traveling in time (by changing the time on the console), but there is another “legal” way to get the animal figures sooner: through rewards that the fortune teller Katrina gives you every time you It “purifies” you for 10,000 bells if it reads you bad luck.

Furniture name changes

This small change will go unnoticed by the vast majority of players. The Desert Slab Wall and Desert Slab, with color variants such as blue, khaki, or lilac, are renamed Moroccan Slab Wall and Moroccan Slab and are added to the Moroccan collection that was added in Happy Home Paradise, with other furniture such as a table, a sofa or a pouf.

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Dialogue suggests again that flick and CJ are more than friends in Animal Crossing: New Horizons



Dialogue suggests again that flick and CJ are more than friends in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Today we bring you a nice story about flick and CJ, two characters from Animal Crossing: New Horizons whose relationship we’ve learned more about with the title’s 2.0 update. Specifically, let’s start with the screenshots below:

flick in animal crossing
flick animal crossing
cj and flick animal crossing

As you can see, in addition to knowing that flick and CJ are now living together, it has been discovered that if we build a house for one, the other will automatically move in too.

To this we must now add the advice on love relationships that CJ gives us in some of his dialogues (which makes us assume that he has experience in the subject), as well as what flick’s father, Nat, tells us about his son’s relationship with CJ, stating that he feels happy about the relationship they have.

cj and flick in animal crossing

All this dialogue makes fans think that CJ and flick are more than friends, and some are already celebrating with drawings and other fan material.

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