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Outriders confirms the next patch and wants to deliver lots of fixes



'Outriders' will allow you to recover the equipment lost due to a bug with equal or better statistics

Outriders probably fixed the annoying inventory bug with the last patch 1.06. But there are numerous other problems. Some of these should be fixed in a next update. MeinMMO summarizes for you what we know about it so far.

What is the situation like in Outriders? Last week the inventory bug caused a stir. This error could result in players losing all of their equipment. Update 1.06, which was released on April 15th , seems to have fixed the problem.

Now there are still numerous minor and major problems that the co-op shooter has to struggle with. Apparently, another patch is already being worked on. The community manager confirmed this in the Outriders subreddit.

Here we will show you what could be tackled with the upcoming patch and what about the restoration of items that were lost due to the inventory bug.

The next patch should fix bugged assassin skills and many other problems

What do we know about the next update? Unfortunately, there is a lack of specific information on this. So far it has only been confirmed via Reddit that a “larger” follow-up patch is in the works. This has been confirmed by the community manager thearcan (via. Reddit ).

It can certainly be said that a bugged skill of the assassin should be repaired in the next update. This is the hunting fever skill. It actually teleports you behind enemies but doesn’t seem to work correctly for some players.

Further fixes have not yet been specifically mentioned. According to the arcane, however, the developers are in the process of bundling numerous fixes in the patch, which initially fell by the wayside because of the work on the inventory bug. Here is what the community manager said:

“We are bundling fixes with lower priority into a larger follow-up patch, while the previous patches focused on the more serious problems.

If we had released the fixes with lower priority in the other patches, this would have significantly increased the time required for testing and they would not have been released yet.

What else could be in the patch? There are numerous issues here that the patch could address. Some of these are summarized in the developers’ official Reddit post.

  • Console players are still struggling with the login screen, and many of them are sometimes unable to log into the game at all.
  • The developers recommend switching off the console completely and clearing the cache memory
  • One player reports that a connection test helped on PS5 as soon as one gets stuck on the login screen. A complete disconnection apparently also helped with others (via Reddit ).
  • Quest markers often don’t show you the correct way to your destination
  • Hit registration is incorrect, especially in co-op
  • General, numerous server and stability problems
  • Opponent balancing, especially in the endgame

There is definitely enough to do for People Can Fly and it remains to be seen what will be tackled next. Before that, the items for the players who are affected by the inventory bug are also to be restored.

More information on the recovery will be available early next week

This is the current status: There was initially some confusion around patch 1.06. Many players were disappointed when they still found an empty inventory or couldn’t load their characters after downloading.

The patch should only fix the bug itself and not restore any items, as the developers also wrote in the patch notes. The solution to the inventory problem is still being worked on. People Can Fly promise to provide more specific information at the beginning of next week.

The fix that was implemented with patch 1.06 seems to be at least successful. The developer is keeping an eye on the situation.

When can a recovery be expected? Even if there is no specific information about it, People Can Fly has already narrowed it down. The developer wrote to a concerned fan on Twitter: “Don’t worry – the process won’t take a month. We just haven’t released the details yet because our teams are working to improve, optimize and test our solution. ” (via Twitter )

How will the recovery work? This is what the developers have revealed so far:

  • The recovery will happen on a specific day and it will be a great, one-off event.
  • Probably only the most valuable items will be restored, i.e. epic (purple) and legendary equipment.
  • Rare (blue) equipment is unlikely to be restored
  • The restoration will add the items to your inventory.
  • It is possible that the restored items will not have exactly the same status values ​​as your old items

What about the compensation? To make amends, People Can Fly has announced a legendary weapon for all players who have played from April 1st to April 11th since its release.

This compensation is still planned, but will not be delivered until the players’ items have been restored (via Twitter ).

What do you think? Are you affected by the inventory bug? What should Outriders do in the next patch? Please write us in the comments.

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