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Outriders is not a service game, but new content could still be coming



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With its loot system and influences from action role-playing games such as Diablo or Path of Exile, Outriders offers the perfect basis for a service game, but the developers decided against it and released the game as a complete package, without content updates, season passes, or similar.

Outriders should bring a completed single-player or co-op experience in the context of a story campaign and endgame. But that doesn’t mean that the loot shooter will never be expanded

Future plans for Outriders: DLCs are possible

In an interview with the Forbes website, Bartek Kmita, the game’s creative director, stated that this would not mean that the game would be neglected after its launch. Because, according to him, there are still many stories that can be told in Outriders. Therefore, the team is also ready to create additional content.

Classic add-ons instead of live service: Instead of smaller and regular content updates, one thinks more of larger add-ons. Because during the development you had to put numerous ideas to the files because they no longer found a place in the main program for a variety of reasons.

“We have so many stories to tell and ideas that we want to take a closer look at that we just couldn’t fit into the original game. We’re happy to have more content in the future. Everything we do would be in the shape of Adopt significant self-contained story addons. “

What exactly will there be? The developer has not yet given any more details. However, he explains that one is certainly considering increasing the level limit. With this, you could earn additional skill points and continue to work on your builds.

On one condition: it is hardly surprising that you only start developing the corresponding expansions if the game is well received. The chances are good for that. Because despite initial server problems, the title on Steam is the largest release from publisher Square Enix to date.

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